Class Reunion Pictures

On October 18, 2014
Peabody High School Class of 1959
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Carol Ann Foster
Paul Wallace
Kathy Whitney
Ann Safchuk
Sheila Robinson
Lee-Ester Ruby
Elizabeth B. Field
Richard J Doiron
Barbara Felt Mullarkey
Dolores Bassaras Vensanakos
1st Row
2nd Row
Back Row
Sandra Galaris Kessaris - Wilson Lobao - Mary Anthony - Elza Bettencourt - Kathy Pantazopoulos
Gloria Moskevich Franciose - Peggy Lobao - Jennifer Henderson Wells - Bill Millea - Dorothy Bell - Joan Griffin Gagnon
Nancy Wilson Griffin -  Ed Lapointe - Cynthia Kirstein Grossman - Tobyanne Tarlow Sidman - Sherry Pearl -  
Kaellen McHugh D'Amour - Louise La Scola - Tony Pantazopoulos
Timothy Wells - John Dostie - Richie Mowbray - Phil Anthony - Bob Grossman - Donald Emilian - Claire O'Connor Lucier
Left to Right
#1  Dianne Filiault Niciewsky - Jean Gagnon
# 2      Sandra Galaris Kessaris                
Charles Adams
#3  Richie Mowbray - George Mantsourani
Joe Novick - Bill Novick
#4  John Franciose - Gloria Moskevich
Franciose - Helen Egan Dostie - John Dostie
# 5      Sherry Pearl -  Mary Anthony -  
Charlene Emilian - Diane Filiault Niciewsky -
Jean Gagnon Cirinna - Frank Cirinna - Bob
Grossman - Robert Griffin
# 6      Charlene & Donald " Satch " Emilian
# 7   Kathy Pantazopoulos -  Joe LaScola -
Louise LaScola - Tony Pantazopulos
# 8    Frank "Buddy" Trabucco - George
Mantsourani - Joe Novick - Bill Novick
# 9    Bill Millea & Linda Millea
Peggy Lobao - Wilson Lobao
# 10    Standing Dana D'Amour
Sitting Kaellen D'Amour
# 11    Bob Grossman - Robert Griffin
# 12    Elza Bettencourt - Valerie Roy Adams
Sandra Galaris Kessaris - Charles Adams
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Our Senior Class Officers
From Left to Right.
Secretary:           Sandra Galaris
Vice Presid:ent:  Pauline Pyzluka            
Prsident :         Vartan Arakelian   
Treasurer:           Raymond Daniels
                              (Back Row)
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55th. Class Reunion
Committee Members

Diane Filiault Niciewsky
Claire O"Connor Lucier
Richie Mowbray
Elza Bettencourt
Kaellen McHugh D"Amour
Joan Glowacki Prochniak
Nancy Wilson Griffin
Theresa Walor Sullivan
Richie Mowbray
Claire O'Connor Lucier

The PHS Class of 59 would like to thank
Cathy Trainor
for her generous gift of donating the
and also the
for our Class Reunion.
Many Thanks to our Committee Members Who Made This Event Possible
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